Many business owners shy away from allocating funds to their IT infrastructure because the initial pricing is scary to them, which is understandable. Executives may get worried about the budget before truly understanding how hardware investments can actually save money, and even increase profitability if set up and managed properly.  As always, communication is key. Expressing your business needs is crucial, but more importantly, IT professionals should properly educate their customers to ensure a caring, friendly computing environment.

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A server can help your small business perform more efficiently while allowing your employees to be more productive. A network of computers connected by a server is far more efficient than employees working on individual non-networked computers. For starters, you’ll be able to access files more easily, better protect your business data, and perform computer security updates much more quickly and easily.  Almost every startup business uses computers and as your new business grows, adding laptops, PDAs and other communication or data devices is almost inevitable. Before you know it, you may reach a point where your computing infrastructure seems disorganized.

A server can provide and distribute all the information needs of all of your computers from a central source, ensuring that all of your employees and all of your applications are working efficiently together instead of haphazard isolation. As your businesses grows and you add new computers, smartphones and tablets, the need for a central server can often be the difference between success and falling behind.

Ask yourself the following – do you:

  • Worry about computer failure, theft and data loss?
  • Have documents scattered across multiple computers?
  • Want to share a printer or scanner?
  • Need access to your files when you’re out of the office?
  • Want to manage your documents and users better?

A server acts as a central, shared repository for your files and data. It can provide secure access to your files from the road and allow you to manage users and information better.  If you travel a lot for your business or like the ability to access your computers or files from anywhere at any time, a server can definitely give you the power to do so.

Even for small businesses, servers can be very helpful. You can:

  • Share documents and files
  • Share devices such as printers, faxes and scanners
  • Backup data
  • Gain remote access to data
  • Improve customer management
  • Management accounting and supply
  • Centralize messaging
  • Improve surveillance
  • Offer or use web services

Why is a server necessary? When a network starts to grow, either in number of users or in the amount of data that’s kept on it, a server can help a business stay organized and efficient. But there are a wide variety of servers available, all of them highly configurable.

First, you need to understand what servers are good at. Servers can be used to house files and manage printers. Better yet, they can manage which users on a network can access which resources. They can serve as machines handling a company’s website, email, databases, remote access and other tasks. Servers can range from simple, inexpensive tower PCs to sophisticated rack mounts designed to handle heavy workloads and provide disaster recovery with backup, data redundancy and fault tolerance. Sifting through the vast options in the server market need not be a headache, if you have a good understanding of what your business needs are, how scalable you need a server to be and how critical it is to have that server stay operational in the event of a disaster.

It doesn’t matter why you started your small business; it doesn’t matter how great your idea is; it doesn’t matter if you’ve identified a completely underserved niche; it doesn’t even matter how deep your pockets are, really—if you don’t get the tech right, you’re simply not going to succeed. And, let’s face it, most new small businesses don’t have bottomless pockets, so it’s absolutely critical to get it right from the very beginning. Small business servers are perfect for running your network in your company on a manageable level. Servers can even help with organizing and managing your network, which can save cost by getting the maximum efficiency from your small business server so you have the opportunity to do more with your business.

Servers also give you control over what your employees are putting on their PCs, blocking them from installing unauthorized and potentially harmful applications and giving you more control over what programs are running on your system.  To keep your data safe from outside threats you can tightly control Internet interaction. By using multiple levels of access control, data encryption and firewalls designed to keep intruders and viruses out, you keep your information safe from prying eyes and hackers, while also enjoying the convenience of a wireless office setup.

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