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» 24/7 Advanced Network Monitoring and Alerts
» Remote Support Capabilities
» Automated Maintenance of All Hardware
» Automated Patch Management
» Advanced Reporting Features
» Inventory Management
» Data Backup Monitoring and Testing
» Track Service History
» Scheduling Tools
» Automated Antivirus Deployment


Enjoy network monitoring and alerts for any issues that may arise on your server, including hard drive problems, possible data corruption, power issues, security threats, database concerns and more.  With the proper server monitoring in place, we can easily identify and resolve any problems before they have a chance to hinder your daily operations.  Our staff of IT professionals will receive alerts and reports letting us know what needs to be done to make sure your server is secure and running smoothly each day.  Some of these alerts can be related to hard drives running out of space, hard disks needing to be defragmented, database file and permission errors, security hacks or attacks and more.  We want your business to be protected and can keep an eye on your server 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so we can respond or alert you as necessary.

On the back end, an entire suite of maintenance and performance scripts will run daily on your server.  Utilizing various network tools, management techniques, and the latest software technologies, we will perform thorough hardware maintenance on your server so it remains reliable, consistent, and safe.  A combination of automated performance scripts, manual maintenance, and IT management from our consultants will keep your office and server running fully optimized at all times.



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