How Dentists Can Benefit from Technology

IT Services for Dentists Austin

As a small business with usually around 20-30 employees, most dental practices enjoy having their IT services streamlined. In a small office full of patients, computers problems and phone issues can be a hassle. If budget issues are a problem, dentists have a variety of options to consider when solidifying monthly ongoing support for their office. Here are just a few of the benefits when considering outsourcing your IT.

  1. Low Fixed Monthly Cost

  2. More Cost Effective Than Hiring Internally

  3. Reliable Response Times

  4. Enhanced Network Security

  5. Industry Compliant Solution

  6. Secure Automated Data Backup

  7. Save on Vacation Time, Sick Pay, and Overtime Employee Costs

  8. Proactive Approach to Network Management

  9. Boost Employee Productivity

Technology investments can be done in small chunks and strategic planning with an IT consultant can really pay off in the long run. It’s important to work with a company you can trust while getting the most efficient work done possible. In order for proper budget forecasting, some offices invest in IT consultants specializing in supporting dental offices and maintaining the software needed to run them successfully.

Having an IT company on monthly retainer to support your office can help keep your overall technology costs down while enlisting the professional help you need.  A fixed monthly cost allows for easy budgeting and the flexibility to make bigger moves at an affordable rate.

With the shift to digital imaging in dental practices, many offices now require ongoing support to manage their software applications. Dolphin, Dexus, Kodak, Carestream, and other providers have helped dentists make the shift to digital dental imaging, but finding the right company to support the technology is key.

Investing in a more efficient phone solution can help save money on your phone bills. For instance VoIP business phones can save your business quite a bit of overhead, by eliminating the need for costly land lines. VoIP technology allows for more flexibility and enhanced capabilities with the luxury of HD voice quality. After a small one time investment, your dental office can save a ton on those hefty monthly charges.

Consider working with a company that can fulfill all of your computing needs, but can also help with phone problems, email solutions, server maintenance and more. It is important your business is covered from every aspect on a day to basis.  A fixed monthly cost keeps you from having to pay a bundle for it.