iPhones in Austin TX – Funny Videos

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Funny iPhone commercials have been spreading like wildfire throughout the internet. One can’t help but wonder where the current perception of Apple products stands now. Are people getting tired of dealing with the lines, higher prices, and limitations of the iPhone?  Apple competitors like Samsung and HTC have been giving the iPhone a run for its money with products like the Galaxy S3 and Windows Phone 8x.

Samsung’s gone on the offensive on early iPhone adopters once again with a new attack ad. It’s also not the first time Samsung’s gone after those waiting in line for an iPhone. A similar campaign last year, for the Galaxy S2, poked fun at the types of people who line up for the devices.


It’s exciting to see technology changing and mobile phone advancements keeping up with the demand.  Although it’s clear to see that the iPhone has its loyal fan base, it could slowly be losing some of its members to a more affordable non-OSx mobile platform. Check out this commercial below for the Samsung Galaxy S3 thatmocks those waiting for one of Apple’s new iPhones in front of company retail stores:



What is your favorite thing to do with your iPhone 5? Another one of our commercial favorites pokes fun at the fact we mainly seem to tweet and instagram photos of the food we eat. You know you’re guilty of it too. Who doesn’t send food porn to their friends?!….especially when it’s so delish! Check out the vid below. It’s our fave!




With the holidays coming up, it’s going to be interesting to see who ends up on top at the end of the year. When it comes to mobile phones, technology changes quickly. Is Apple going to keep up? Most seem to think they’ll stick around for sure, but it’s nice to see other products can provide top notch functionality at a great price for Windows phones and Android mobile users.