Choosing the Right IT Provider

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Choosing the right IT provider can be time consuming and stressful.  Austin businesses deserve someone they can trust.  After all, we love our city and want fellow business owners to be successful, don’t we? As a small business in Austin, identifying the need for an external IT services provider is essential. First, ask yourself a few questions.

Is your need project or initiative-based? Is your need on-going and consultative in nature? Do your needs encompass both? For businesses in the Austin area in the accounting, marketing, legal, dental, or print sectors, choosing the right IT provider involves knowing what help you need. Separating the strategic providers from the non-strategic ones depending on your desired results is key.

Customers need a reason to believe in your company. But how do you gain it? It doesn’t hurt to be honest and ethical. What most managers don’t get, though, is that the best way to build trust is to extend it to others. Beyond the technical considerations, there must always be an element of trust between the managed service provider and the business employing it. After all, if you don’t trust the service provider, why are you giving them responsibility over your infrastructure?

Indeed, the assurance that comes with knowing you’ve saved money, increased your security, and can hold someone accountable to a service level agreement. Be sure to check response times, monthly ongoing costs, and whether the potential for additional fees exist. The right company should deliver strong IT monitoring and management tools, a solid data backup solution, and the dedication to complete tasks on time.

Choosing the right IT provider may involve different philosophies and skill sets.  Let’s get to know each other.  If you’d like a free quote or consultation, contact us today. 512 // 600.2123