5 Ways to Take Control of Your Inbox

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Sometimes your email inbox gets too cluttered up to even make any sense. Does that ever happen to you? If so, follow these 5 ways to control your inbox and begin taking back control of your email inbox. Email inboxes can take control of your life. This is because it is a reactive medium not a proactive one. Many times a daily to-do list gets sabotaged when email gets opened the first thing in the day. What makes things worse, email is an interruption based technology. When new email comes in, we stop what we are doing, and attend to it even though it is not as important as the task we are currently working on. We put together 5 ways to control your inbox to help Austin businesses save time and energy.  Our tips are as follows:

1.  The Junk Email Filter:

Don’t forget to use your email junk filter. From Outlook’s main screen, click on Actions > Junk Email > Junk Email Options.

2. Create Rules for Organization:

There are more than 20 actions you can do with an email, including auto-forward, reply, delete, move, etc. Automatically send and organize certain messages as you see fit. Click on Tools > Rules and Alerts.

3. Send to a List Quickly:

If you send to an entire list of contacts frequently, create a desktop shortcut for quick and easy access. Quickly send to all your contacts and time of the day. Just right click on your desktop and choose New > Shortcut. Under Location Item enter mailto: your list of contacts. Double click on the desktop icon for testing and sending messages quickly.

4. Cleanup Your Inbox:

Pretty simple. Your inbox gets cluttered and dirty. Click on Tools > Mailbox Cleanup. From this menu you can check the size of your Outlook files, find or move specific files, delete and archive messages, etc.  If you don’t cleanup your box, sometimes your mail can slow down dramatically.

5. Read Email Without Always Having to Open It:

In Outlook, click on View / Reading Panel and you can select whether you want to view your emails in a summary view either on the right side of the panel or at the bottom. Pretty helpful sometimes. Trust us.

These 5 ways to control your inbox can save you time, stress, and energy.  For more information on email solutions or email protection, CALL 512.600.2123 and request a free consultation. We’d love to help you out around the office!